30 Most Powerful Quotes from the Book The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

quotes from "The 48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene:

"Never outshine the master; make those above you feel superior."

"Conceal your intentions to control the outcome of situations."

"Always say less than necessary; let others do the talking and reveal their intentions."

"Have others do the work for you but take credit for their achievements."

"Guard your reputation with your life; it is your most valuable asset."

"Create an air of mystery around yourself to attract attention and respect."

"Get others to do what you want by making them believe it was their idea."

"Learn to use absence to increase respect and honor."

"Win through your actions, never through argument."

"In victory, know when to stop and celebrate to avoid resentment."

"Use selective honesty and generosity to manipulate people's perceptions."

"Sow doubt and create conflicts among others to gain control."

"Appeal to people's self-interest to get what you want."

"Disarm others by being a source of pleasure and comfort."

"Play to people's fantasies and desires to influence them."

"Keep others dependent on you for their needs."

"Be a master of timing to control situations and outcomes."

"Use gestures and symbols to communicate power and authority."

"Plan all the way to the end; consider the long-term consequences of your actions."

"Avoid the unhappy and the unlucky; associate with the successful and powerful."

"Beware the dangerous and the insecure; they can harm your reputation."

"Plan for the future by preparing for every possible outcome."

"Concentrate your forces to focus on the most important tasks."

"Play the perfect courtier; adapt to the mood and tastes of those around you."

"Re-create yourself to fit the moment and stay ahead of the game."

"Keep others in suspense; use mystery and unpredictability to your advantage."

"Be a mirror to others; reflect their behavior to gain their trust."

"Take advantage of others' vanity and ego to manipulate them."

"Transform your weaknesses into strengths to gain power."

"Plan for the future by understanding the past; use history as a guide for success." 

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